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2012  Opening Day Rules


1)      Entry Fee of $50.00 per two person team must be paid no later than 5:30am Saturday May 5th. 100% payout minus $200. There will be an optional big fish contest for an additional $20.00 per team.  100% payback for the biggest walleye.

2)      A $10.00 conservation fee will be imposed unless both participants are members of the SLRWA.

3)      All fish weighed in should be alive if possible (catch and release).  Fish that aren’t able to be released will be subject to an 8 ounce penalty per fish.

4)      All participants are expected to read and follow all the rules.  Please read entire list.

5)      Contestants will conduct themselves in a sportsman-like, courteous, safe and ethical manner at all times.  Any unfavorable conduct or action by a contestant which could negatively reflect on the tournament will be grounds for disqualification or rejection of entry application.

6)      All participants must launch or tie up their boats at the Waddington boat launch and each boat will be subject to inspection.  No boat can leave the marina area until boat numbers are called at 6am.

7)      Participants are not allowed to fish prior to having their boat inspected by tournament officials.

8)      Participants must weigh their fish before recovering their boat.  No fish will be weighed from participants that trailer their boat to the weigh in location.

9)      Fishing boundaries are between the Robert Moses Dam (top side) in Massena and no more than 100 yards past Iroquois Dam in Waddington.   Fishing hours are 6am to 3pm.  Awards to follow at 4pm at JC River Run Bar and Grill.  No fish will be weighed for fishermen who are not present at the boat launch by 3pm.

10)  Any teams seen fishing outside the tournament boundaries will be disqualified.

11)  The Weigh station will open at 12 noon at the Waddington Boat Launch. 

12)  Winners will be determined by the total weight of their 3 best fish  

13)  In the event of a tie, the team’s biggest fish will break tie.  Further ties will be decided by time of weigh in. 

14)  In the event of a thunderstorm, lightning, or other severe weather conditions participants may pull into the nearest shoreline until it is safe to continue.  In the event of severe weather conditions Sunday May 6th  will be the alternate date for the event.  We will call you if it is postponed.  Do not assume it is postponed without hearing directly from tournament officials.

15)   Cash prizes will be given out at the conclusion of the weigh in.  Door prizes will be drawn after the prize money has been handed out. 

16)  Last years big fish will be presented at the conclusion of cash payouts

17)  All NYS fishing regulations apply.

18)  Tournament directors and are not responsible for anglers’ safety so use caution on the water. 

19)  There will be no refunds after 6am on the morning of the derby.

20)  The director, organizers or angler has the right to protest another team’s fairness.  An official written protest along with $100.00 fee must be made within 30 minutes of completion of final weigh in.  The fee will be returned if protest is found valid.  Following interviews with concerned parties a ruling will be made.   If not proven the SLRWA will keep the deposit.

21)  Every competitor is expected to participate in the marshalling of the field in order to maintain the highest integrity to the competition.  Any incident observed during tournament hours should be reported to SLRWA officials for further investigation.


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